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The Cliterati Project

By lesbians for lesbians

"Cliterati is a Lesbian Haven.."

Now more than ever it is crucial that lesbians have a place for themselves. Cliterati is a female-only social media instance and podcast run by lesbians. Our team is home to lesbians of color, lesbian detransitioners, and butch lesbians.
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Lesbians are currently facing a difficult time. We endure abuse from various communities and we find ourselves with fewer places to gather. Our voices are spoken over or silenced.
Broken boundaries, sexual harrassment, gaslighting, and in-fighting within the LGBT community to communities that seek to conditionally boost lesbian voices resorting to the same exact abusive treament if we speak our mind. The message is clear: we just can't get a break.
Cliterati is a project developed by and created for lesbians, it is our platform to speak our minds.
We feature lesbian content, and seek to amplify lesbian voices.

A collection of Projects

The Cliterati Project currently features a Fediverse instance, mail service, private Discord server and a podcast in the works. Featuring a hidden service, We take user privacy seriously.
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All of our projects are hosted offshore on a secure VPS, and feature DDoS protection and encrypted offline backups. We are looking into becoming GDPR-compliant.

Remember the name: Stormé DeLarverie